I will be doing painted mixed media commissions at FanExpo Vancouver and am taking preorders in advance. Currently I’m also willing to do a few ahead of time and mail them out if you can’t make it to the show (shipping tbd). Details are as follows:

First, if you just want a quick black and white sketch in ink, those are free, but they will either be on my free promotional postcards or your own paper, and it has to be something that I can do fairly quickly.

Now, on to the painted mixed media commissions. Done in gouache on paper with additional collage elements, in the style of my normal painted work. All of my comic art is indefinitely not for sale, so this is your best opportunity to get an original piece from me in the foreseeable future.

  1. 6×9 inches, single character: $25
  2. 9×12 inches, single character: $50

Additional characters at extra charge, to a maximum of three (at my discretion). Backgrounds (if any) also at my discretion, but all commissions come with at least some form of abstract background. A large component of my style is the addition of design elements so a specific background would eliminate a lot of that aspect.

The images above are indicative of the level of detail that you can expect to get from me at the show. Pre-orders or online commissions will have greater detail due to less time constraints.

In addition, before the convention only, I am willing to take orders for large pieces:

  1. 12×18 inches, single character, cover quality: $100

I will not be doing any of these at the show because it would take far too much time especially since I am investing additional detail.

If you are interested in getting a commission from me,  let me know in advance (iwood[at]shortstoriesinpictures.com) to ensure that you will be on the list. This also allows me to get started before the show, which means I will not be as pressured and rushed to complete it, resulting in a superior final piece.